This is a little something I wrote years ago. Why?



Let me tell you of the order of the heavens above Kalalimpar
That kingly seat, that cold and lonely heart
Their images of grandeur wreathed in despair
The nest of blood-warm flesh, so hungry and so fair

The first heaven, that that is nearest to the earth
A treadmill of the ages, lost in song and praise
Unto the next their trembling fingers raise
Their beggar-angels meek, devoid of mirth

Over their heads the other heaven lies
Still mightier, which feeds upon the first
Rains down its blessings, quenching their great thirst
Breathing their smokes of abject sacrifice

Each to the other alien doth appear
One sees the other, yet it cannot hear
The others breath, the vessel of its prayers
Begging to have what never can be theirs

Above them yet another heaven dreams
Unmoving and indifferent in its sleep
An open gate unto an empty hall, it seems
To any angel passing through its deeps

That heaven, though it flies high above the first
And though the second is outside its reach
Still sees them both as one – a feeble muddy burst
Of that same earth to which all heavens preach

And yet one more above those three resides
A kind and solemn heaven lost in thought
Its nameless angels scurrying on all sides
Counting the deeds the other three have wrought

They are unyielding in their righteous course
Seeking the light of other skies, above
Wherever there is evil they see love
Where there is weakness they see hidden force

Through the fifth heaven down the sun doth glare
Shedding its shattered gold on the high burg
The sixth sieves off the steel from godly stares
When they direct them down on human work

And all the others, those beneath the stars
And those in which the mighty choose to dwell
All serving others, higher still, and far
Beyond the ken of any mortal shell

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